Chinonya Community School April 2010

what bzt has done

In 1997, BZT began to work with the three Kalwa communities (see map), then expanded into working with the four CRDP communities. In 2013, ZRDF started engagement with the three Sakala communities. The population, which ZRDF has served, is estimated at over 50,000 in an area of some 7,000 sq kms.

The interventions are holistic and are in partnership between ZRDF and the communities and include:

  • Radically improving school infrastructure by the construction of classroom blocks and teachers’ houses, which in turn unlocks Zambian Government funding of trained teachers; also the provision of teaching materials
  • Addressing the scourge of HIV and AIDS by training local volunteers and providing them with bicycles as community based councillors, peer educators and care givers.
  • Raising family income and household nutrition through subsistence farmers diversifying crops from only growing maize to include higher value crops such bananas and soya beans,
  • Also improving family incomes by introducing Savings and Internal Loan Communities (SILC), which are effectively village banks, which encourage local entrepreneurial ship amongst women.
  • Supporting the creation and training of community groups to provide local leadership.

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Chinonya Primary School April 2013