Brandy Mungaila Director ZRDF meeting banana farmers

what we're doing now

BZT and ZRDF are now launching a new three year 2017/19 programme to continue this work in Zambia.  The well-established and proven holistic approach described above will continue with the addition of four new initiatives:

  • Commencing work in five new very isolated communities (the New Communities on the map), three of which have no clean water, mud and wattle schools in appalling condition and limited access to very distant medical facilities.
  • Establishing training for subsistence farmers in their fields to improve yields and to demonstrate new crops.
  • Recruiting an education office to facilitate the exchange of best practice in the classroom and thereby improve teaching standards.
  • Investing in expertise which will enable BZT to better report impacts as well as outputs.

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A meeting of a SILC group at Kaundula