case studies


BZT works with communities to radically improve school buildings, including upgrading community schools to Government funded primary schools because of the provision of new classrooms and teachers’ houses. BZT also provides bursaries and teaching materials... more

micro-credit and silc

For the last seven years BZT has supported micro-credit schemes for women which have enabled many women to establish their own businesses. More recently, BZT has launched Saving and Internal Loan Committees (SILC) which are in essence self funding village banks... more


HIV and AIDS is a desperate problem affecting as many as one in five adults in Zambia. BZT is reaching over 40,000 individuals for education and information programmes and the provision of peer educators. Through trained local volunteer counsellors, BZT is facilitating testing and treatment... more

sustainable agriculture

BZT is training farmers to move from the historic mono cropping of only growing the staple crop of maize to planting other crops such as bananas and soya beans... more